Hi from Cape Town!


This is my first post from South Africa and I’m really excited to tell you about my first days here. Just let me start from the beginning 🙂

I started my journey in Hamburg on Saturday. After meeting two of my wonderful friends there, I went to the airport at about 4pm to check-in.

Everything worked out the way it should, I took the flight to Istanbul to stay there for 3 hours and then got on the plane to Cape Town.

Actually being the type of people who usually can’t sleep in trains, planes, etc., I had the luck to sleep for 7 hours on the flight, that’s why it was quite easy and relaxing.

What happened in South Africa first, wasn’t that easy though. I couldn’t get cash from the ATM for two or three times, till I realized that I have to withdraw at least 50 euros. Puuuh, lucky me – it finally worked!

Being a bit confused afterwards, I was not able to use the wifi from the airport. You know this moment when you’re a bit stressed out because of one problem and thereby attract more problems? That’s usually me.

After solving the wifi problem I wanted to order an Uber to get to the hostel in Muizenberg, where I’m going to spend the next six weeks. I matched with an Uber driver via app quickly, but unfortunately I could not find him in real – the airport in Cape Town is a bit confusing and I just strolled around and could not find the right place. Luckily he was so patient to wait for me and then drive me to Muizenberg.

When we arrived in Muizenberg, I could not believe what I was seeing. It’s just an incredible beautiful place – I fall in love with it immediately. I had a wonderful welcome at the hostel and put all my things into the room I’m sharing with three other girls for the next weeks before leaving to enjoy time at the beach. The warm sun on my skin made me so happy! After too many cold months in Germany I was really longing for this.

We had Braai in the evening (btw: Braai is the South African name of a barbecue) and I got to know some nice people – a guy from South Africa, who taught me about the ten countries in the world with four letters :D, four or five girls from Germany (you won’t believe how many Germans travel to South Africa!), a Swedish couple and some other guys. We enjoyed a very good meal and drank some beers, before I left to bed early because I was really tired after all these impressions.

Although the bed isn’t that comfortable as my bed at home, I really had a good first night in Muizenberg. After ten hours of sleep I woke up at 8:30am, with the sun on my face. I started the day with a really good oatmeal they offer at our hostel before leaving to a free walking tour. There were just me, the South African guy I met the evening before and an old British couple. We strolled through Muizenberg with the tour guide, saw a lot of beautiful houses and got a lot of information about the history of Muizenberg. Being the only non-native speaker I didn’t understand everything because they talked so quickly – but I got most of it and I think that’s enough for the first days 🙂

After we finished the free walking tour the British couple asked us to enjoy a coffee with them. Since I’m very sensitive to coffee and already had one in the morning, I decided to drink a green juice with spinach, celery, carrot, apple and lemon (I love to eat and drink all the healthy food on sunny days!) and enjoyed it so much. It was like the perfect holiday moment – although I’m not on holiday right now 😛

I did some food shopping after that to save a bit of money and not going out for eating everyday (although that would be great because there are so many cute restaurants and bars over here!). Being back to the hostel the South African guy asked me to join him for a walk to Kalks Bay and drinking a coffee (which turned out to be a beer :X). The sun was still shining and we’ve been near to the ocean the whole afternoon – I literally can’t tell you how happy this made me!

Since we arranged to go to the Lions Head with seven or eight people at the Braai the evening before, we drove to Cape Town in the early evening hours. I did not expect this hike to be a real climbing challenge, but just the moment we arrived at the top of the mountain, it was really worth the effort. The view was indescribable – photos even can’t express the beauty of this place. We sat on one of the rocks and enjoyed the sundown from above – an incredible experience! When the sun was down, we started our hike down the mountain. It ran dark quickly (and most of us had no headlight) so we had to be very careful to not stumble and fall down. It was really hard but simultaneously an incredible feeling to meet this challenge. Being full of all these positive emotions we drove back to Muizenberg to have dinner and then got to bed early again.

Today was my first coffee shift that’s why I had to wake up at 6:30am. Seeing the sun rising firstly, the day could not be bad. Work is done now and I’m off to spend the rest of the day on the beach 🙂

Sending you much sun and only positive vibes!



PS: Please let me know if you prefer to have these posts in both English and German. I’m trying to get more into the English language, that’s why I decided to write this blogpost in English 🙂


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  1. annpappas sagt:

    Your English is excellent, so keep writing. I did a blog about Muizenberg Beach today too: https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/39869844/posts/1694505937 I hope you have a wonderful holiday.


    1. annpappas sagt:

      I see it’s past tense – hope you had a wonderful holiday!


      1. Kira sagt:

        Thank you so much! I did, indeed! I’ll definitely have a look at your blog, too!
        Wish you all the best 🙂

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